Top Influential Photos

This photo is called “pillars of creation” and was taken by NASA in 1995. The image is taken from the Hubble space telescope and is of vast clouds of interstellar dust 6,500 light years away. The reason that I like this photo is because it is a photo that shows that Space is so vast with so much left to explore and learn about. I also like the colors of the photo from the goldfish hues in one of the pillars to the pink shine if the star.
This photo is called “mushroom cloud over Nagasaki” and it was taken by Lieutenant Charles Levy in 1945. The photo is of the mushroom cloud created by the second atomic bomb dropped in WW2 dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. I like the photo because the subject  is right in the center and shows the power of nukes.This photo was taken by Astronaut William Zander’s and is called “ Earthrise” . This 1968 photo was the first full color photo of earth taken during the Apollo 8 mission . I selected this photo because I like the contrast of the black darkness of space with the beautiful blue planet that is home to everything we know. I also like the composition in which the moon takes up the foreground and a big part of the frame

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