Masters of Photography Reflection

The photographer that I have picked for this reflection is Karl Blossfeldt. Karl took photos of different objects. He mostly took photos of parts of plants and trees. For example he took photos of parts of branches, parts of leaves, flowers, flower buds, and much more. One thing that I find interesting about his photos is that almost all of his photos look symmetrical. Not all his photos are symmetrical, but even the asymmetrical photos look intriguingly symmetrical in a way. One thing that I noticed about his photos is that almost all photos that he took are magnified to a certain level for better detail of the subject. Some photos are magnified at 4 times for example to show detail, while others have been magnified upto 10 times if that was needed to make the photo full of detail. There is also one other interesting and intriguing thing that I noticed about Karl’s photos. The thing that I noticed is that all of his photos have a very simple plain background. The only subject is the part of the plant and there is nothing in the background. I think there is a reason behind the plain white background because in photography every tiny change and difference has a purpose. I think the reason behind the white background is that the white background means that there is nothing in the background to distract the viewer. Since there are no distractions it means that the viewer only focuses on the subject in the foreground which is the only thing in focus. I really like that he took photos of plant parts at the magnified levels. The magnifications show details that would be hard to see by the naked eye. I really like the photography style he went for. My favorite photo of his is called “Adiantum pedatum Maiden-hair fern”, which shows young curled frond plants.

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